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What are you doing right now?


Drinking Coffee and Thinking about my mess of a life.


Drinking water and thinking about Blizer’s mess of a life

and how he managed to get gold in 3 different queues


look at this madman


Thinking about how Jelly Marl is atm of my Ranks in LoL


Nah it just means you get two more colors of ugly orianna :^)


Rate my lastest skin i got from an orb


Its a better skin than victorious sivir : ^ )




Heartseeker is better :^)


Heartseeker is ugly af
I dusted a heartseeker shard to craft Conq :^)


But legit, Varus has some of the best skins in LoL

All Are Pretty goody


Lux too
Most of Lux’s skins are great


Satan too


Yes, i have a friend who is a teemo and illaoi main


Thanks fren


Have you recommended he end his LoL career before ha makes other people prematurely end their lives?


I mean, guy is actually pretty chill.

It just he mains two of the most cancerous champions to ever exist in top lane :^)


He probably feeds off of other people’s tempers


Remind me to pick viktor if i ever go up against your friend


Hes Plat 4