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What are you doing right now?


Anyway I am going to take breakfast


Trying not to die from nom cat

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Planning a new FM game


Enemy Within 3?


No not really

When I was designing it, it’s making my head spin and decide, let’s make it simple.


Reviving old threads


Drowning myself in self-justification :slight_smile:

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Using my cellphone whilst thinking if I should play Witcher or VC


On my lunch break, replaying non-existent scenarios in my head involving my crush

Someone stop me, this is probably unhealthy


Watching Devotion gameplay.

And god, the ending is sad as freak.


Lying on my bed with a stomach ache and trying to finish a drawing project I’ve been working on for almost a week


Playing fortnite on roblox

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Watching Jontron Reacts to Anime stuff


Replying to this thread


Playing dota 2 and losing to mid feeding theirs bloodseeker.


Trying to get a good angle of Rosie


Not possible


So we are going with a bad one!

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I’m robbing a bank.


gl hf!

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