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What are you doing right now?


Drowning myself in the bathtub /s


Trying to gauge the seriousness behind a threat sent to me through reddit PMs, then facepalming upon the realization that I even gave that outcome a thought


Checking into my flight to england


waking up


going to sleep cause it’s 5 am and my dog woke me up way too early


Contemplating why I’m awake at 8am with an addiction to the Into the Spider-Verse soundtrack




oof, i need to go see spiderverse still


Playing smash ultimate


peeks head out of window
Do it


Creating a dumb bard


Sitting in a lounge full of my younger cousins (cuz im an only child :^) )


Why am I having ideas for a social deduction game based in a Sci-Fi setting?


Because youve been playing sci-fis and social deduction gams?


Grinding stuff in FEH .-.

Also waiting for response from Maxi.


Staying up way late. Again.


Purging the furries

Damn that’s a lot of furries


Wait response for what


I feel like I am dying with that much need to sleep
Fuuuck cant keep my eyes open


Is there a necessity to stay up or something?