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What are you doing right now?


being in bed sick


Iā€™m in a literal corner of the library doing shit at luncch


Trying to expose Marl


literally seducing my friend


meat pie


going to search for a dnd map


gonna do photoshop stuff


After so many months, I AM WRITING!! Ooh it feels great.




I need ideas for a campaign

please give me the worst combination of race + class that a hostage NPC could ever have in your opinion


What is this for?


future plans


You want the worst combination?


The worst

give me something way lower than a gnome paladin


Gnome barbarian


Honest question: Why is this all about gnomes?



What do people have against gnomes

Our Gnome Cleric in my main DnD group is lovely


Gnome Cleric is Generic

Do Lizardfolk Samurai Fighter

Dex Fighter that just shreds single target enemies.


Just finished SWTOR RP session which ended one story chapter in my guild and I got rewarded a super skill.


What Class are you? And light side or dark side?