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What are you doing right now?


Have you found something? Because I’m also looking for online game shop. Christmas is coming , should be some discounts or something.


Checking my unread channe8


I am waiting for my friend to finish his call so we can go out home talking
Little bastard is making me wait for 10 minutes now


Update: I gave up


I’m sitting in the corner of my library for some reason


Going to sleep to wake up 4:30 AM


I didn’t recognize you


Wait until I cut my hair again then


But if you do I won’t recognize you


I can rob you
And you will never notice its me


Yeah, I found this shop called Eneba. I bought a game from them on black Friday and also on Cyber Monday. Everything is working :slight_smile: Prices are really good. Also the payment was really fast. You can check them if you are still interested in buying games for Christmas. I’m almost sure they are going to do Christmas discounts or something.
Cheers :slight_smile:


Stop stealing things from me


Lemme steal kisses


No u




It’s time to stop


Because of work, there is not enough time for games :disappointed_relieved: I mostly play on the phone


I respect your wishes so I let you.

Anyhow, playing Jedi Outcast.


I sleep


I woke.