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What are you doing right now?


I’m losing energy to deal with FMs as well but I don’t want to replace out the two I’m currently playing
/pets Squid


It’s why I’m only in one


Will remember to only be at one a time in the future


Seriously, people are still fucking voting me even when I said that I’m not fucking playing anymore


you aren’t in the game anymore

Don’t care about it doesn’t mean anything


Still, Frost doesn’t know that I replaced out, so people are still treating me like I’m still in the game


Don’t talk about ongoing games outside of the game.


screams in you being back


The newest one, a sweet toddler


Typing on forums

Also interacting with a guy that I want to date; probably friendzone for a year though.


Can’t be friendzoned if you are the one who friendzones


wow your new profile picture didn’t last very long Celeste :thinking:




Oh I see
Now it all makes sense


you didn’t see anything shhhhhhhhhh


Quite true

You want it back :thinking:


That’s up to you my dood


Machine Gun Profile Pic changing


helping a player fill up a d&d sheet


she thought the adventurer pack gave her the money that was next to its name