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What are you doing right now?


Just showered.


Claims Sheriff in Cult Game.


why would you do that? i would see paladin in an unseen game by converting a sheriff and let mm whisper but why the vice versa? fool?


I was in unofficial bastard gamemode where Sheriffs were Paladins.




Writing one and a half page of essay for my Chinese homework.


which cousin bb


Losing motivation to be in FMs cause I’m in too many of them since people keep forcing me to join ones I don’t like >:(


realizing I forgot to lunch


Waiting for the tol tournament. Room 4 worst room!


just don’t join them


going to lunch at some Subwayesque arabic food thingy


But people literally FORCE me to join them

I want to replace out of Enemy Within 2 because I probably wouldn’t have the time to invest much time into it, but I might be fucking blacklisted for it. With Children’s Entertainment Mafia, I don’t think I can replace out since I’m part of a team



If people legit would be mad at you not joining a game cause you are busy

then something’s wrong


just ignore people


So is it fine if I replace out because EW2 is a game I literally do not want to play and don’t have the time to play?


You also can only be blacklisted from replacing Out of a Fol last time I checked


It’s for your own good

if you aren’t having fun why are you in it?


Why wouldn’t you replace out of homestuck since that hasn’t even started yet?


Because it’s an FM that I actually want to play