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What are you doing right now?


Waiting for the physics exam


Watching Black Bullet while struggling with a god awful cough. I actually didn’t think that this would surpass A.O.T, but I’m loving it, especially the opening theme. Only disappointment I have, I’m on episode four and there only appears to be one season :crying_cat_face:


Playing a freaking visual novel that apparently makes me invest like 10 hours in it.


Reading what a bunch of weebs are doing


btw over Thanksgiving break I’m having like six friends over to binge Made in Abyss

It’s gonna be super fun

Post songs you like

Is it that kind of visual novel ?


Waiting for Reaper to log in uwu


Waiting for Memesky to log in uwu


Well, sorta, but not that far now.


What name of it?


Not gonna tell you.


Pls tell me :pray:


Doki Doki?




I won’t like your posts anymore if you don’t tell me


Lets say it is pretty sappy .-.


It’s about trees?



Judging all da weeaboo twash in dis twead.


Searching for the best prices to buy a video game because it’s black Friday.


scammer reported /s