Werewolf (Neutral Killer)

The Werewolf
Neutral Killer

Passive - Thick Coat: Death immune (at night).

Day Ability - Blood Glare: Pick a target to attack this night (Bypasses death immunity) (∞ uses). *Immune to knights and hunters, Cancels if jailed

Night Ability 1 - Brought to Senses: Use the first ability of any Blue Dragon class on any target. Cannot use Unique classes and cannot use the same ability twice.(∞ uses).
Night Ability 2 - Rampage: Maul a player and everyone who visits them, causing those players to bleed. They will die in a night. (2 uses)

Win Condition - Must kill all members of the main faction in order to win.
Extra Info - Selecting Brought to Senses works as you click the ability, a list of classes comes up and then you select a target/targets.
Rampage will tell you who you caused to bleed.

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How come you can’t use offensive abilities?

Shouldn’t it be Killer?

The only killer class that isn’t unique is knight and knights guard isn’t that great of an ability, for offensive classes… It’s kind of confusing since debuach is multiple targets, but I guess if you use a drunk they can use hh instead, I’ll add that.

You could just allow multi target abilities. Since you select the class before any targets are chosen it would work just fine.

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I mean that could work, i’ll add that into the class

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uhhh so it can only kill twice?

nvm it has a day ability I’m dumb