Weird question on claim

So last game I was Poss - I possessed a chrono claim, but when possessing him I find out hes princess. His logs are all chrono logs. There were 2 other chrono claims so he was kinda sus. He wasnt killed (obviously since I possessed him), but would this be throwing if he had died to court with that claim?

It was really fricking weird

So what happened there is that Possessor doesn’t bypass tailoring effects (effects that make someone appear NS when they are evil). The Chrono you possessed was actually a Timesnatcher who had used Dark Dimension, which because of code recycling causes the Chrono to appear as a Princess.


ding ding ding

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So would a timesnatcher appear as S/I to princess while using dark dimension?

Yep! And incompatible with royals.

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So basically: This game is broke


…why did you poss a sus guy?

In my first possessor game ever I jumped into the fool - and got executed immediately on the day afterwards. :upside_down_face:


Poor foolerino

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Congratulations! You “win”!