Weekly Monday Discussion #4

Welcome to the Weekly Monday Discussion studio, unfortunately DatBirb is on vacation this week so AreteBirb is filling in

Audience: booing

AreteBirb: Well, in any case, last week we surveyed you on how many games you wanted us to run at once.

Audience: If the poll says we’re running three games at once, then why are we only running two?

AreteBirb: After some testing, we determined that having three games running at once causes them to take longer to fill, and causes players to feel stretched thin between games.

Anyways, for this week, we have another hot topic for you to discuss. From an anonymous viewer:


I think at this point we have a pretty good idea of what we should be doing – like, most of the recent scum wins could have been averted by people actually following the Townplay Improvement Advice, the problem isn’t that people don’t realize that you should work with other villagers/reevaluate in LyLo/etc.

however, despite knowing what to do, people don’t seem to be … doing it

how do we fix this

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Audience member:

what if we do an “award” system somehow.
create a thread to highlight the players who had the most impact on the game, tried their hardest, or improved the most
(this also includes scum/neuts, i dont discriminate)
give them a title for a month to show off their awesomeness

maybe people need incentive to try harder

AreteBirb: That’s an interesting idea! It’s been tried in the past and was somewhat controversial, but it’s possible that it would work better now, particularly with some minor changes.

Poll: Should we create awards to recognize players who tried hard, improved a lot, or performed well in a given game?

  • Yes
  • No

0 voters

Don’t tune out now – we also have a few more questions for our viewers.

Question 2: What categories would you want to see if this was implemented?

In the past, the categories used were Top Town, Top Scum, and Most Improved.

Question 3: What other ideas do you have for how we can work together to improve our townplay?

Questions 4 & 5:

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would say like best fps or something but thatd quickly devolve into a bunch of memes

Top Town Performance
Top Scum Performance
and that’s it
‘most improved’ is like
I absolutely disagree with the though of an improvement reward
You can do well once, get the award and it’s not rewarding at all
I feel like they should, if they’re most improved, win the award for their faction’s performance if they’ve actually improved enough


improving townplay? on this site?

that’d require someone actually good to coach people


The only issue I’d really see with this is that neutrals get kind of left out
So you’d have to expand Scum Performance to evil neutrals + NK as well I suppose
and town performance to things like Mercenary

this highkey will improve townplay more than anything else we’ve done on this site

In the past ‘Best Scum Performance’ covered any non-town

instead of explaining how to get better, give them fake internet points

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Good town/scum play examples can also be shown from off-site

I don’t think people don’t understand how to play well. They just don’t care enough to put it in to practice


Forcing a meta on players is bad. You can enjoy a game very much without playing perfect :tm:.

I have a question for the audience:

How should we decide who receives awards?

In the past, it was players who voted, and the host had a double-vote.
Thoughts are appreciated.

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I ran a competitive game for this very purpose

It helped. A tiny bit.

For games I’m spectating I can also give advice to players individually (I’m not a perfect player myself but as I’ve said multiple times, I believe everyone is qualified to give advice).


i think the mods don’t know how days work


No one is forcing anything on players

however we’ve heard a lot of players express frustration with townplay on this site, or with trying to play town on this site – many players find that other players choosing not to try negatively impacts their enjoyment of the game

thats an odd way to spell Monday




but seriously an awards system is super motivating to people as much as I joke. Humans really enjoy being recognized for doing well

i am being censored