Weekly monday discussion #1

eevee prefers his steaks juicy, and how do you prefer your mafia games?

  • Standard roles
  • Role madness

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Keep in mind this is discussion topic, so go on and discuss on topic.
This will allow us gets more games which you might like to be hosted :wink:

FMPoV we need more closed RM games.

I like the FPS potential there and we can have as much mech as we want without causing the game to be broken by massclaims.


Problem with closed RM games is that they take ages to review (E.G: My one)

Plus they take ages to finish, mine took me almost a month just for the idea of it.

definitely vanilla setups are king

Rolemadness adds a bunch of layers that can be enjoyable but are very liable to go wrong too

I’m glad both exist but there’s no question I prefer the dynamics of more vanilla games


I like both but if i had to pick one, i love the crazyness of rm

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shit like LoTRFM

fucking loved that game

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I love vanilla games

also love closed RM games

I love closed mashups.

Specifically ones Alice and Ici make.

I love open setups like what Psycho makes.

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i also enjoy lots of semi-open RM games

so like

it just varies

closed games not only take ages to review and finish, in most cases they also take even longer to design


Then we need competent setup designers to create them
No problem there

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I enjoy games like Ritual Mafia (and HoB but never got to play :sob:)

I enjoy games like LoTRFM

and I enjoy games like Mountainous 15’er

it just depends on the minor details of a game and the playerlist

I’m not kidding when I say Insurgency has been pending for six months

@N.1 is 7DS mafia being scrapped, I’ll throw the classcards I made in Grande Idea if you do not wish to continue making it w/ myself

No i do want to help pls
Just been a bit busy, was finishing insurgency and all
im down to help more now
But i’d prefer we made a discord server
Make one and invite me, give me owner perms

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i’m not gonna answer the poll

but honestly

if the setup is balanced either way
playerlist > setup for what determines how much I enjoy a game


I was about to say this

and then you said it

you can be V for now, I guess


My favorite RM games have had some of the arguably worst setups and ones that are airtight tend to be RM in name only

You can’t really have your cake and eat it too

Either things are surprising or they aren’t

No you two are supposed to tunnel each other

Clearly scumbuds