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We probably should address the scorned outing d1 play


EK should drop spawn rate of Apostle and scum Neutrals then

Which I think may already be the case so


It does. But not to 0%


That’s probably fine

It wouldn’t be in a longer game, but in the RTSDG genre that’s probably fine


Yeah. The fact that even if the setup or something close enough to it happens you still have to figure out that it happened as scum. And even then you need the non-SS neuts to vote with you and even THEN you need to hope that BD doesn’t have enough killers to take back majority


Mission:Have it happen in a game


That’s not a mission it’s literally RNG


Mission RNG


The setup is RNG. Actually determining that scum have majority D2 and declaring it is the mission


While Investigative scorned was semi useful, let’s be honest a concirmable tber that can find evils is good for bd.

It doesn’t excuse the fact that scorned not can even do anything for bd apart from sit there and frame who in there right mind would even think that’s fun


At least it was fixed


ah fuck, I can’t believe you done this