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We probably should address the scorned outing d1 play


What about Evils getting majority D2 by sheer luck?


The question is if anyone would even think about it in first place. KEK


Answer: me


Then try it and see what will happen. :^)


Actually i’m suprised no one thought about claiming Scorned D1 as Fool. :thinking:


The fact that majority of BD members do something doesn’t mean this is correct. King just votes up a guy saying “vote up 5 he is unseen”, BD quickly vote him up without king’s finger and boom - prince gets force executed. Following your logic, voting up people quickly is correct play because everyone does it.

I’ve never said BD necessary require help from scorned in order to win, apparently you’re not reading what I’m writing so I don’t even understand why you’re quoting me.

Besides, a year ago claiming any neutral (even alchemist) was a death sentence, people tend to change their minds and it doesn’t mean that the majority is correct. And i’m only talking about scorned, not alchemist - there are reasons why BD want to keep alchemist alive, but for scorned I see none.


Why is it suppose to be Scorned’s fault? KEK

What logic? That BD sometimes doesnt have their own mind and doesn’t think about consequences?
It’s a fact, kiddo.

Quote it the sentence where i say that. Don’t twist my words, mister.


It doesn’t change a fact that Scorned doesn’t have a restiction to always vote with BD. Complaining about backstabbing Neutrals and pretend it isn’t BD fault is dumb and naive.


You guys are agreeing and you don’t realize it


Well, arguing with a boy who calls an opponent “kiddo, mister, dumb and naive” just because someone doesn’t agree with them serves no purpose indeed, shouldn’t have wasted my time.


Welcome in comment section, my dude.


Sure. Because something like “conversation” and “being wrong” doesn’t exist. Good talk. :+1:


BD is dumb and naive for letting a Scorned live
Scorned is opportunistic for exploiting this
This dynamic is a problem

any objections?


Yes. It isn’t BD fault that Scorned tend to vote against them.



That should be impossible based on the class list.


It isn’t


1 EK
1 Cl
2 Apostle
1 SS
1 Scorned
1 Inquisitor

is 10 scum sided votes


Why is that possible


because the odds of it actually leading to an early scum win are negligible even if it is technically possible


Doesn’t excuse that it is


It explains why it hasn’t been fixed. The problem never comes up even when the setup actually happens