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We probably should address the scorned outing d1 play


I played for the weekend. I only have one question on my mind right now.

WHY ARE SCORNED CLAIMS LEFT ALONE?!? He frames, he decieves, he tricks invest classes. There’s no use to BD now that the faction check is gone. So why?

Every single game I’m in.

And they leave the scorned alone.

Someone’s framed.

Scorned outs day 1.

No action against the scorned.

What kind of fucked up meta do we have here?


People just like their meta’s even when they are terrible.


I’m surprised the NK doesn’t just out themselves D1


honestly, yeah. Just like the mystic link king meta before it, how it’s a waste to even SF a mystic since it’s easy to see if they’re converted anyways. but people do it. I have no idea why.


Alch outs D1? Ok whatever
Mystic SF N1? Doesn’t help BD but for the Mystic it’s security I guess
Scorned out D1? That’s where I draw the line

My response to that?

“That guy literally just claimed scum. Kill him”


Now that I think about it. Have any of the meta’s actually helped BD win?

Prince out meta get’s prince killed
Mystic SF meta wastes SF
Hell even WKM gives info to an unconfirmed and then eventually everyone (which scum can then use to find all of the best convert and kill targets) or worse… just scum

And now this!?


Guys let’s SF the scorned, and have a Chronomancer on him


In a sense, WKM does help BD to focus their attention instead of just simply waiting for leads. It’s a problem in TOS during the early game that if there are no red checks the day pretty much just gets skipped


'Member the “I’m the Poss, vote me for King” meta? I 'member.


Oh yeah. That was a fun one


Honestly not expecting to be executed at that point is just being an idiot


It worked tho. Psycho King had to be added to stop the meta


I’ve already made a topic about this

(New Decree(from Corax))

It had a bit of joking to it, but it addressed this new meta.

But I’m not a fan of easy wins, which is why I like Unseen. It’s challenging to play Assassin, but not NK- level challenging


I mean it’s stupid to ever elect a neutral king tbh


They always side with NK to be honest


That’s not the reason, why ever have a neutral king compared to a BD king


Maybe my only wins as NK? I don’t have that many games of ToL due to my computer breaking and taking a somewhat ridiculous course load for the last three years, but I know I have a few wins as NKing after being NK. Have only rolled NK once or twice since.


how could you


Also just gonna throw out there that changing the Scorned to need to see BD executed will probably stop this :wink: :wink: :wink:


My one win as NK was Possessor, when I jumped into Prince

Was funny cause they trusted me till it was too late