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We need a team of 2-5 FM players


Good luck boies


Do you have an mu account?


just made one.



How it works is it’s one player per day plays. Like a hydra


Tbh, if you guys really want to play make 2 teams. Drop 2 out of the 5 people and pick up squid to fill in. So it fills in another hydra slot


Hey let them do what they want :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s a link to the exact game btw


Mind if I spectate the game even though I don’t even join a game before :thinking:


guess i am signed up /shrug

let’s hope i don’t suck




In the end we won not because we were good

But because the Town was not


Because laziness


my readlist was semi accurate…


but yeah.

I really should’ve picked up ici was scum