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We need a team of 2-5 FM players


Eevee, Ici, and I are currently signed up with NinjaPenguin and SmartBomb to play a game of Team Mafia over on MU

But, because the game is a team game, we’re having trouble filling up

If any of y’all wanna make a team (looking at you @PoisonedSquid) and come help fill the game I’d really appreciate it

Teams are 3-5 players but there’s at least one player looking for a team right now, so you could join with two if that’s all we’ve got


Bruh I suck at fms but ill send a ping over to @firekitten and @marluxion






You don’t get to remove this :wink:



I did as well.

Honestly too hyper right now








What’s this


Excuse me what the fuck

How is anyone supposed to win


Alright, I’ll join. Who can I team up with?


@PoisonedSquid @MaximusPrime team?


Heck yeah! Max? How about you?


We need scumkitten too @Firekitten


We’re obviously the best team



I absolutely suck at fm tho


I’m sure we can give you guidance when it’s your turn to talk during the day


you know what. I’ll come


@Luxy can I join your team