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WazzaAzza#2836 Cult


Or you guys are in a cult :thinking:


no this is false we are all hippo alts ffs Ive explained dis a million times


we are all hippo Alt’s and hippo is an alt of Wazza so therefore we are hippo alts and Wazza alts. I rest my case.


Someone should hire me as a lawyer tbh


And firekitten alts and Marcus alts?


Can’t tell lost count of my alts


okay I swear to god this is the most genius win I’ve ever seen.


lmao I started a trend

technically Isaac did it first but I’ll take the credit for keeping it going :stuck_out_tongue:


eats popcorn




are you serious


you just called your self a mega noob :sunglasses:


I have joined a new cult.


Should I make wazzaazza discord