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WazzaAzza#2836 Cult


okay some people in this forum have been DISCRIMINATING me! And I shall NOT stand for it no longer.

I shall now expose all those that decided to do this joke.

I swear you guys are in a cult doing this.
You guys know my discord name on this forum isn’t even my discord name but you guys found out.

Here is a list. We shall start with my friend that started this:

WazzaAzza#2836 List:

  • Grenade - Instant Noob
  • Hippolytus - Big Bully
  • Geyde - Sick and tired of your shit my bro
  • Lightsin - The Light’s are in
  • Isaac_Gonzalez - Legit a mega noob
  • GamerPoke - The Only One I’m not going to insult because they are my bestie
  • Firekitten - Ultimately a big bully
  • TheAltInOurStars - Basically Orange

Please tell me if you find any more of these BIG BULLIES!

[SFoL] SFoL 46 - Chaos 2 - Canned


Fellow Alts @Grenade @Hippolytus @Geyde @Lightsin @Isaac_Gonzalez @GamerPoke @TheAltInOurStars I have pinged you all to discuss an important matter. The fact that this here guy who’s pretending to be Wazza has decided to call US out on impersonation. This is hypocrisy at its finest. I can not allow this to stand and with this we must BRING FORTH THE DEMOCRATIC POLL.

The only true way to determine if we are telling the truth or not.

  • we are alt’s of Wazza and this guy is impersonating him
  • we are not Alt’s of Wazza and he’s the real wazza

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Alf’s, yes




victory royale.


this is the fairest way to decide imo


Bestie, I thought we were besties :broken_heart:


They aren’t a bestie to you when you are impersonating him.


We liked each other’s post. Besties think alike


I can prove I’m Wazza.


No you can’t cause we are Wazza.


If you were Wazza then…

…you’re a horrible person shouldn’t exist and honestly a dickhead.


There’s two possibilities

We have multi personality disorder
This guy isn’t Wazza


Trust me, you aren’t that.


Multi personality disorder solves that problem tbh


Oh god not Minoru


We are all Wazza alts being Wazza at the same time with none of us knowing we actually are Wazza


Love it how we all just thought of the same obvious joke with 0 coordination.


Why i love this forum