Watch Your Mouth!: Sophomore Year (17/17)- Signups

Watch Your Mouth!: Sophomore Year

Inside Marlvard University are some of the most brilliant minded individuals in the forums. Thirteen individuals have passed their entrance exams and are ready to prove their worth to the world. One with a perfect score, so the principal handed him a loaded gun. However, four others had failed as their vocabulary is too basic for their age. How can they improve, you may ask? Make a special bomb that detonates if someone says a certain word! Then there is their teacher who hates life and found out about the bomb and wants nothing more than for it to explode on him. If that isn’t a great idea, I don’t know what is.


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to an idea that Squid formed while working last minute on a mini essay for her English class! Don’t ask me why Squid made such a sadistic game, but hey, there’s explosions, so there’s that.


I’m sure you all know the typical rules by now, but I’m going to make them clear so that there isn’t anything like a frat party that had been stopped by the cops.

  1. Be nice to one another
  2. Do not throw the game
  3. Do not post at night
  4. Do not shoot angles, that’s only for Hunters
  5. If you’re not active for 24 hours, I will send out a prod, if there is no response within twelve hours of the prod, then I will have to kick them out and find a replacement
  6. 20 posts per phase required
  7. Graduate with a smile :smiley:
  8. Also some pamphlet with this stuff written on it

Follow the Global Forum/Discord/Game/Meta Rules - Please Read First , and the Official Forum Mafia and Forum of Lies Rules . Please make sure you have enough time for this game before you sign up.


  • The Bomb has been upgraded since last year at the cost of not picking the word vote or any players name it can pick up basic things like putting spaces between your words, or misspellings thus making the bomb way more deadly. It also has newly built-in technology to detect if someones reading a dictionary or snippets of it, thus any attempts to use that to your advantage or disadvantage to others will not activate the bomb. It will only detect normal human speech.

  • There are three types of roles in this game, a Student, an Honor Student, and Planter. All three fall into two factions: Students and Planters
  • Non-Honour-Students don’t have any special abilities, they have classes to go to :confused:
  • The Honour Student has a gun with a 1 bullet in it that they can use at night once.
  • Planters will have a private PM thread to discuss what they please
  • Every night (Including Night 0), the Planters pick a word that has at least four letters to be used as the trigger word
  • If the trigger word is said, the first person that said it gets blown up and is out of the game
  • If the latest trigger word has not been said, then it will come into play the next day until someone says it
  • Along with selecting a trigger word, the Planters can choose who to kill that night
  • Days will last for 48 hours while Nights last for 24 hours
  • Executions in this game are done by plurality and majority so that inactivity won’t give the Planters the automatic win
  • Bombs are disabled in Lylo cause no insurgency 2.0
  • Images with words still count towards bombs
    There are no journals or death notes, so don’t ask for one


Click it ya Nerd


You might be a typical college looking for loans to pay, but you have the drive to take out the scum that are trying to destroy the campus once more.
You win when all the Planters are either expelled or killed.

Honor Student

You’re one of the top students that has attended Marlvard thanks to your countless hours of studying and support from your professors. That’s why you received a gun as a consolation prize… That’s kind of weird, but you’re sure it’ll come in handy.
You win when all the Planters are either expelled or killed.


Your predecessors from before have managed to destroy Marlvard University last year and like them, you have failed your vocabulary test. It’s always best to follow the experts.

You, along with the other planters, will discuss which word (It must contain four letters or more) you will use as a trigger on each night and Day 0. The first person to say the word will be killed in an explosion. You can also submit a night kill on each night.
You win when you reach parity with the Students.

3x Planter
13x Student
1x Honor Student


  1. Alice
  2. EliThePsycho
  3. Insanity
  4. Whysper
  5. A certain man from Britian
  6. an_gorta_pratai
  7. Surge
  8. Marshal
  9. Moleland
  10. Luxy
  11. SirDerpsAlot
  12. Esquiddy
  13. Trochilidae
  14. Appelsini
  15. PokemonKidRyan
  16. ClonedCheese
  17. Jane


  1. Intensify
  2. Amelia
  3. Katze
  4. Chloe
  5. Arete


  1. ATNoName (informed)
  2. Astand (informed)
  3. ash4fun (informed)
  4. Light (informed)
  5. Centuries (informed)
  6. Jane (uninformed)
  7. Crich (informed)
  8. Thunal (informed)
  9. Italy (informed)

Time Stamps:



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may change mind later

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should i join purely so i can hope i get scum

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sure man go for it

wow we have more specs than players this is what’s wrong with everything wtf the world is ending

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what is the phases btw
if it’s 36/12 i won’t join because internet off > school is like
more than 12 hours so

its 48/24…


i skimmed OP and couldn’t see it
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48/24 the usual

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We are gonnning to avoooid the trigggger woooord liiiike laaast timme



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miss me?



im going to instantly die d1 because bomb
and be the teacher

if kat joins

you get a free kill on me by making the word “cringe”