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Watch Your Mouth! Planters Win!


/vote Lightsin

Did the forums get darker or smthn?

Accused Voters Number
H_Hjasik Lightsin 1/5
Lightsin Marluxion, H_Hjasik,WazzaAzza 3/5
Reaper Datbird 1/5

I believe the night is upon us. I forgot how much time is left though ;-;


Looks like Lightsin has been very naughty! For that, he shall be expelled from this school!

He was a:


Each night, you and your teammates can select a word that is at least four letters long to use as a trigger word. The first person who says that word gets blown up. You can not use the same word twice. You can also perform a factional kill on each night except for Night 0.
Gain parity with the Students

Night 2 has started! Oh, but before I go, we are in need of two replacements for ConfustoLook and Reaper, so please, find some backups as quickly as possible


oh wait I can.
/replace in for Reaper


Mercenary has replaced Reaper.


/replace for anything needed and if not backups


Mathblade has replaced ConfustoLook


Good morning, buckos, I hope you’re having an amaz-… oh shit, I think I stepped on a corpse! It looks like it’s DatBird!

Man, I’m hungry for some chicken

DatBird was a:


You can use the power of voting to save the day :smiley:
You win when all the Planters are dead

Once again, you have 48 hours to decide who should get kicked out of this school! (And please stop asking me how many Planters are left, just read the OP!)


why tf did they kill datbird
i’m confirmed town now


@H_Hjasik do you see what happens when we join forces


Requesting permission to join forces as Hjasik is confirmed student through VCA and you pushing on Lightsin would be hella dumb if you’re not a student.


/vote Wazza

Come talk with me please :slight_smile:

Accused Voters Number
WazzaAzza Mathblade 1/4

With 7 players alive, majority is 4.


Wazza didn’t have to sheep there
He’s town too


Three lock town


Hmm, about what?


Oh, I’m still alive




No he didn’t. He did it likely for the creds. It’d have been worse to try to move the wagon off Lightsin so he put his vote on when inevitable.

The only other alternative is that scum was not active or didn’t push anyone. With how dead the game was in post count the scum likely didn’t try to push off.

This is of course assuming that you weren’t being silly and pushing a buddy for cred.


Why did you vote Lightsin?