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Watch Your Mouth! Planters Win!


Always trust yourself even when you may be wrong


you’re fucking blind

also i’m scum just for you not reading properly? boi ur fucking stupid


wait no i’m the blind one now

you said who

but what also implies who so



I think it’s Iight


Why you thinks Its light he is pretty new And made a scum read Thats a towny sing

Accused Voters Number
H_Hjasik Wazza, Lightsin 2/5
Marluxion H_Hjasik 1/5
Lightsin Marluxion 1/5
Reaper Datbird 1/5

4 hours and 45 minutes remain.


Lightsin isn’t new?


Lightsin has been on these forums since before you joined


@H_Hjasik sheep my vote or i’ll put the nail into your coffin


you basically have no choice if you want to live


@GamerPoke @MaximusPrime @Reaper @Datbird @H_Hjasik @ConfustoLook @wazzaazza pls give my read a chance and vote lightsin


also @ConfustoLook why no notes? :sob:


: (


/vote light

Accused Voters Number
H_Hjasik Wazza, Lightsin 2/5
Lightsin Marluxion, H_Hjasik 2/5
Reaper Datbird 1/5


accurate depiction of me, looking at lightsin


Who do you think is Second kira?


confusto maybe
they aren’t acting like normal :sob:


worst case scenario if nobody is willing to vote up lightsin we can swap to reaper last minute so you don’t die


but i think reaper is also town
hard to say though