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Watch Your Mouth! Planters Win!


anyone else?


or a reread on him because Hjasik today has been more helpful


i am TRing dat bi rd atm

hj… ha rd to re ad, som eti mes too mem ey but th at cou ld ju st be him

idk how rea per plays, but i hav en’t se en mu ch fr om him as of la te as well as li ght, con fus to, and waz

wi ll see aft er i fin ish rea din g the 200+ msg -_-


you can talk normally right now the bomb went off


wait what


(i trust you i hope ur not lying)


here ya go


the word was otherwise from what we can tell. It was the first time it was said past d1 starting and the only word Geyde messed up on and didn’t do the multi letter strat


what in the god damn…?

damn i wish to be as suicidal as my father



our teacher are communist btw


honestly this could be suspicious as marl is trying to seem like a suicidal townie



I asked for the link to the list and found the same list on another website. Neither of them had otherwise on them


thoughts on the trigger word guys?

like, what do you think it was and why was it picked?


Otherwise is a weird word to pick honestly


brb getting food


well is there anything else on there that stands out because the two theorys were otherwise or Marll (pretty sure this one was said multiple times)


I feel like that’s a word confusto would pick. It’s a feeling even tho I havent played much with them


how in the fuck would that make sense

fos on gamer


It all makes sense. One day, I will say I told you so


“i think confusto picked it”

“but i don’t know him that well”

“but it’s cause i said so”

bitch what


You didn’t ask who it could have been which is quite weird. Max+Confusto scum team. Let’s see how right I am