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Watch Your Mouth! Planters Win!




Idk everytime I do yolo vote I get called scum so let’s not. It sux because we lost one of our main pushers but we need a little more than a gut feeling to go on here


Do it because I do it


Then only I’m the yolo


@Lightsin opinions on Gamerpoke?


No because then you’ll call me out on it later like the Insanity vote even though I had some posts about my suspicions on them.


I think the easier vote here is is @ConfustoLook or @Reaper since neither of then have said almost anything




Do you not think its suspicious how little they have talked? 7 and 6 messages gives us little to work with


Also can you link where you got the list from. This would clear my one suspicion of you



Okay now that I know ur list matches from what I can see. I’m going to vote /Reaper. Come explain yourself @Reaper


They killed Meteoro it makes sense, since Meteoro had a vote on them for majority of day 1. Killed the one person who voted them. Ten bucks if we dont lynch them I’m dead tonight. If so plz get Reaper


Repetition is for pupils, not Principals.


Hey yall it’s your favorite friend, the guy that’s going to ping you and who is trying to wake the dead chat.
@WazzaAzza top 3 scum reads
@Reaper why did you night kill Meteoro
@ConfustoLook top 3 scum reads again
@GamerPoke how was school, now who do you think is scum
@Lightsin what about you? scum reads plz
@H_Hjasik whats your opinion on the others
@MaximusPrime other than me any other scum reads
@Marluxion whos your gut saying now


Believe it or not, I am still at school lol


I believe it just let us know what you think when your done


Tbh, I don’t like Geyde because he swapped me from scum read to slight scumread while I didn’t even say anything


hes dead, anyone else


I’ve read Hjasik before, and they seem scum. Hence why I’m voting them.