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Watch Your Mouth! Planters Win!


Also @Geyde that’s what you get for trying to cheese the mechanic lul


However it’s been a while so I’ll have to double check


Doesn’t that seem to contradict your current theory
Look at the VC




Wazza was told by Geyde to push Hjasik. I observed them myselves to see if they are scum.


Why would Wazza vote his teammate


To try to maybe gain town trust.
But now I’m thinking about it close to majority so…

I don’t know then.

One of the planters at least has to be active, since there’s plenty of bombs and kills.

Wish Confusto and Reaper was more active, could get a read on them


This was all I see that could have blown Geyde up unless Marl’s theory was right


It’s also the first time post start of the game that it has been said


Why did you night kill Meteoro


I think it was my name with two ls


Cant be it was said multiple times before


Was the word seriously freaking otherwise


Based off this we can now speak freely for the rest of the day. So why otherwise? It’s a choice that would rely on people explaining more than one reasoning. I guess since a lot of people have been quiet their plan really didnt work out


If we figure out who said which words there, we can figure out a mafia. Mafia don’t trust m trigger their own bombs


So what’s the plan, I’m confused


First we Lynch light and then we cry together


I’m always down for a good cry. Lol


So why Light? What’s their biggest scumtell this game


Idk let’s just roll with it