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Watch Your Mouth! Planters Win!


Only sheeps


I’ll Lynch myself


My body heart and soul say that you are mafia


Did I at least guess all scumteam right or only you


So you were thinking with your D when voting me


Convert me to maf pls


Night kill me or you are a coward


Wait neither of us are mafia I’m dumb


Man i’m not too active here


I’m just gonna vote /Hjasik due to yesterday’s reads, and so far not much difference.


Hi perish


/vote light


Hi dad


Are you town son

Accused Voters Number
H_Hjasik Wazza, Lightsin 2/5
Marluxion H_Hjasik 1/5
Lightsin Marluxion 1/5

I think that’s how majority works with 9 players… idk, I never took majority class


And why am I being voted? Just cause I’m a bit(a while actually) late, Geyde blows up, and vote Hjasik due to yesterday’s reads? If you want me to I can re-read Hjasik today. But I doubt much will change.


Answer me son


Yes. If it takes a lynch to prove it so be it. Yet I’m hoping town lynch doesn’t happen again, else we’ll lose majority fast.

(Hard to text in class, sorry for late response)


Who is scum besides hjasik


Also why did you night kill Meteoro


From my observations Wazza. He seems just very sheepy in my eyes.