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Watch Your Mouth! Planters Win!


What if we join forces


I hhave no way to ddetermine the bbomb wword.


Time will cease to exist And We will all die


Marll pushedd Reaperr becausee of theirr votee on Insanityy, whichh remainss consistentt withh theirr readd on peoplee on thatt wagonn beingg scumm.

Howeverr, sincee Reaperr neverr respondedd the readd cannot be followedd up uponn.

Wwazza+Marll couldd potentiallyy workk givenn a lackk of interactionn betweenn the two.

Otherwise I haven’tt sseen eenough


Let’s join forces and Lynch Geyde


If we unite we cannot be stopped


Marl I am your father



You hear an explosion going off! Someone must of triggered the bomb and maybe even me and my comrade.


Geyde died in the explosion!

He was:


You can use the power of voting to save the day :smiley:
You win when all the Planters are dead


You may now continue speaking.


Wtf did he say


Was it seriously fucking Marl with two ls


Can we pretend I didn’t say this


Why would I say that if I knew Geyde said the bomb word


I’m proven town


You just shoved reason on Why would you say that


No mafia would risk making themselves suspicious for very little reason


I’m sorry hjasik I have to vote with my heart

/Vote Hjasik
I think you are mafia.


If you flip town then I’ll let them Lynch me


Expect that there will be no one left to lynch you