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Watch Your Mouth! Planters Win!


you quickk eeditted this.

wat was og


thenn he goess backk onto Met beforee goingg ontoo you


Than was that



My point remains


As long as you wont Let him off the hook after making a bad play like FK in fol 18 I Ok with being todays lynch


you rread him as ttown for a bit in tthat game :^)


wh at do you mean


Also similar was done in fire emblem 1 by scum So I am not buying it


who do you thinkk is ssecond sscum


Prolly gamerpoke since he started with jokey opening then immideatly left And didnt participate in scumhunting


disagreee on the leavingg partt. He camee backk for questioningg but has beenn overlyy focusedd on how I readd him.

Marll v Hja is TvS (?)

Scumteamm possibilitiess:

  • Marll+Gamerr
  • Hja+Reaperr

Cannott see Llight beingg on the samee teamm as Hja or Marll, so clearedd by associationss.


Ggamesolved :clap:


Thats not How it works


wh at do you me an


Why wazza+Marl isnt possobility? Why reaper +Marl isnt possobility ?


Is picking names legal


fuk Iā€™m wrongg


/vote Marll

clearingg more peoplee when thiss flipss


Geyde just tell me what you made the bomb word