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Watch Your Mouth! Planters Win!


You’re trying to tell me

You had absolutely no time to unvote

Between January 8th at 8 am

to January 9th at 9 am


If i look at your post history

I’ll see you won’t have ANY POSTs at all on these forums from January 8th to January 9th? (pre-9am)


A post made in another thread at 8 am :thinking:

but you didn’t have time for 30 seconds to check this one and unvote?


Questions regarding game mechanics will only be answered in class cards. We value our private tutoring at this institution.


Pretty sure the “I didn’t have time” excuse was a lie.

Care to give us the actual reason you didn’t unvote him?


Sorry I was sleeping between 2:36 am and

And 9:40 am


If you were reading him as scummy even though i said he wasn’t scum, sure

Tell me why


My post was made ON THE EIGTH at 2 am.
not the 9th.


ah nvm my math is bad, i was looking at the wrong post


Day ended on the 8th


Also here’s my posts about Insanity.


Justt tthat wheneverr you aren’tt at schooll you justt neverr pop iinto the tthread to do anythinng of note.

Alll you have ended up carring about was how you wwere read.

It’s frustratting as shit


> : (

Accused Voters Number
H_Hjasik Wazza, Marluxion 2/6
Marluxion H_Hjasik, Geyde 2/6
MaximusPrime DatBird 1/6






@Reaper lookin’ very fishy there
what’s the deal with this vote


:cry: :cry:


Do you want to have a bad time?


And whatt if Hja fflips town

Tthis read rrelies on it