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Watch Your Mouth! Planters Win!


Chill. I’m at school



Two of these three are scum, MINIMUM. change my mind.


Because Hjasik is scum
his reactions during d1 when pressured were scummy. He isn’t town


But Met was townn


meteoro was bad


You haven’t been explaining jack shit beyond scum this and scum that.

Use fucking words


Reaper hasn’t even pretended to read the thread or contribute

DatBird is lurking

Hjasik is nearly a confirmed wolf




Geyde those are words
Go look at his reactions to my posts d1


25 posts in a 460 post game is lurking by my standards


learn to check before calling people out

Seen: Just now

He is lurking


Have you ever readd someone and just knew they were Townn?




insanity yesterday with how he responded to my push on him


I just got online to check what’s up. I just woke up sorry


Goddamn it my ppage bbroke.

Mobil pls


why were you voting insanity yesterday

why were you reading him as scummy


i pinged everyone telling them to unvote him and you refused, why?


Your explanation had better be fucking 10/10 btw, because the only reason you gave for voting them was that you were following MY reads.

and I was the one also pushing for people to move off of him and onto Hjasik.


Sleeping, woke up to late to unvote. College has screwed with my sleep schedule because it’s only night classes. To answer the other question, one you told me to and I made two posts before that, before you pinged me where I explained why I thought their posting was off but wasnt sure if that 100% meant scum. Then I saw a lot of other people kinda seeing the same signs voting for them and joined in.