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Watch Your Mouth! Planters Win!


Inside Marlvard University are some of the most brilliant minded individuals in the forums. Ten individuals have passed their entrance exams and are ready to prove their worth to the world. However, two others had failed as their vocabulary is too basic for their age. How can they improve, you may ask? Make a special bomb that detonates if someone says a certain word! If that isn’t a great idea, I don’t know what is.

(There, I updated the flavor with the correct amount of players, happy?)


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to an idea that I formed while working last minute on a mini essay for my English class! Don’t ask me why I made such a sadistic game, but hey, there’s explosions, so there’s that.


I’m sure you all know the typical rules by now, but I’m going to make them clear so that there isn’t anything like a frat party that had been stopped by the cops.

  1. Be nice to one another
  2. Do not throw the game
  3. Do not post at night
  4. Do not shoot angles, that’s only for Hunters
  5. If you’re not active for twelve hours, I will send out a prod, if there is no response within twelve hours of the prod, then I will have to kick them out and find a replacement
  6. Graduate with a smile :smiley:


  • There are two types of roles in this game, a Student and a Planter
  • Students don’t have any special abilities, they have classes to go to :confused:
  • Planters will have a private PM thread to discuss what they please
  • Every night (Including Night 0), the Planters pick a word that has at least four letters to be used as the trigger word
  • If the trigger word is said, the first person that said it gets blown up and is out of the game
  • If the latest trigger word has not been said, then it will come into play the next day until someone says it
  • Along with selecting a trigger word, the Planters can choose who to kill that night
  • Days will last for 48 hours while Nights last for 24 hours
  • Lynches in this game are done by plurality and majority so that inactivity won’t give the Planters the automatic win
    There are no journals or death notes, so don’t ask for one

Role Cards



You can use the power of voting to save the day :smiley:
You win when all the Planters are dead



Each night, you and your teammates can select a word that is at least four letters long to use as a trigger word. The first person who says that word gets blown up. You can not use the same word twice. You can also perform a factional kill on each night except for Night 0.
Gain parity with the Students




  1. GamerPoke - Student
  2. MaximusPrime
  3. Mercenary - Student
  4. DatBird - Student
  5. Lightsin - Planter
  6. Insanity - Student
  7. Geyde - Student
  8. H_Hjasik
  9. Mathbalde
  10. Marluxion - Student
  11. Meteoro - Student
  12. WazzaAzza

Time Stamps:

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

Since this game started off with twelve players, there will be Ten Students and 2 Planters

April Fool - Game over!

Wait what




Are we allowed to cuss? Cause im not joining if you can’t :^) /s


Yes, you can cuss





Note the lack of lynching or even a wincon for the roles


Yeah i don’t like mountainous but with extra killing but im willing to /in this bc i don’t think it’ll get 20 players otherwise


but like. This doesn’t have lynching as per the OP


Wait what


I had to put this up as fast as a possible as I had to leave to go home which takes two hours and editing is extremely difficult on mobile, so sorry for the rush


There is lynching involved, Burrito. It would be impossible to win for Town if there isn’t lynching


But there is no town. Just students






It’s obvious that the Students ARE the Town


psh. Thats like saying Villagers ARE the School


This is Forum Mafia, Burrito. Not real life


Just because you write about it doesn’t mean it’s a game. Grow up… it obviously makes it a book


Jesus Christ, you don’t have to be so nitpicky, I added extra details so that you have no reason to complain now that I’m actually home with a charged computer