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Was this situation winnable?


My team just flamed me for losing, but I am curious if anyone can imagine a way to actually win where I couldn’t.

These were the players:

  • Me, CL claiming Scorned
  • Invoker (I JUST converted him from Hunter)
  • Good King (Who JUST died to bleed but got delayed)
  • Chrono (Who JUST delayed King)

The Invoker was particularly infuriated that I helped vote him up. But I do not believe it made a difference. Maybe someone else disagrees.

The next day, I did not eradicate (since of course the Chrono will delay King), and they executed me since it wasn’t convert night and I couldn’t convert the chrono.


Well, you said the Invoker got voted up yes?

It wouldn’t have mattered, as King could’ve Royal Fingered, and Chrono and King both slam the Invoker

After that point, If it wasn’t convert night, then yeah, you pretty much lost, as even killing the Chrono still means the King can vote you up


Probably should’ve converted the Chronomancer and had the King take the bullet if at all possible lol, but with the Invoker I agree you were dead


It seems he just recently converted the Invoker, so he couldn’t have converted the Chrono


My point is convert the Chrono instead of the Hunter



Does Invoker not have their Bewilder? Or does that not work the way I remember it to anymore?


He lost it


I’d have erratocated. Yes the Chronomancer would likely delay him but it would have been your only chance




Test failed unfortionately


Well, a better try would have been to convert the chrono, to accept A execution and hope the converted chrono does not attack in order to the king to execute the hunter.


Invokers bewilder is bugged