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Was a tiny bit toxic and I'm sorry


I was King named “Fiveskin” and all D2 and D3 this guy was trying to execute me because he said my name meant I was Evil King (?), ignoring the guy who had the same name as me except one number less (lol). So I order executed him, he got healed, and I get executed for doing that.

Of course this tilted me in the extreme and I called all exe votes “trash players” and I’m just posting here because I’m sorry and I don’t want to get penalized for it, he said he was reporting me.


“Trash players” is not a reportable thing im pretty sure


Yeah, if you called someone something offensive, then you would be punished


oh. okay


Just for the record. I will stalk you IRL for this.


The apology/hindsight to your actions is appreciated.

You’ll see whether or not your actions were deemed punishment-worthy or not somewhat soon (if you receive a warning or something of the sort), so you’ll just have to wait for that.