Warned for false reporting/collusion

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I read your deleted comment – I checked back into your warn report.

It seems that we didn’t read the report thoroughly: It was actually more to it than we thought, however, for the worse:

The guy reported for “excessive flaming all game” only flamed out 1 time, and wasn’t that bad, hardly the entire game.

Looking back, we also realized that you guys revealed private information to each other outside the game (“Metagaming”).

That’s not cool. Or a 1 in 15 chance that you targeted your friend to support on n1, which is pretty unlikely.

Please don’t do this kind of stuff - If I didn’t miss this part, it probably would’ve been more than a warning. So pls don’t metagame with your buddy (it’s cheating) – and don’t make reports saying they’re excessively flaming all game when they were not. We thank you for the report, but please be honest in your reports.

For now, warnings are just warnings - fyi’s.

TL;DR: Voice chat with friend? No problem, if generalizing and talking about general info that’s already public. However, metagaming (like telling each other your class, telling your friend you got reaped when he’s still alive, etc) is cheating.