Virtuous Setup Balance Talk

Hey everyone, just thought I’d make this thread to talk balance for my Virtuous setup so that Virtuous III can be as good as possible if/when it’s ever run.

@Vulgard wrote most of the setup in terms of the classcards.
I, @N.1, wrote the rest, taking elements from @Pug’s Return of the Blue Dragon setup, @MukuroIkusaba’s Hand of Byzantium setup, and Classical Forum of Lies.

Let me know if you have any tips, ideas, or opinions on how to improve and better balance Virtuous for the future.


honestly? maybe unconvertable duke

personal opinion but prince is a biiiiiiiig part of the FoL-type power balance and scum being able to so easily take that is just too swingy

Make the Arbiter unable to take abilities from Neutrals. There’s a ton of extremely OP crap they can do with neutral day abilities.


^oh also this

also I know this wasn’t your fault but plz no 3 baronets again

im tempted to guarantee at least 1 prestige class
Because only one prestige, the torturer, one of my least favorites, rolled in virtuous I, and none rolled in virtuous II
Which made me sad

Remind me which classes had prestige

i will hold on

Unconvertible Duke, maybe have more than 16p especially with two guaranteed Unseen classes, and buff some NKs like Demon/Poss maybe?

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Or at least don’t give warden execute


even though this rand was kind to scum, it still took unseen king saving champ’s life N2 for scum to win

Which makes me unsure

I agree warden was broken

Plz don’t remind me of that ;-;

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It shouldn’t have as many executions as Prince when Prince needs CtA active to execute

I’m not super a fan of this idea, most prestige classes are prestige due to being hyperconfirmable and ‘there will be at least one hyperconfirmable class’ feels kind of meh for scum


once every three nights

or just 1 execute ever

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fair, no to this then.