Vigilante - FoL class

Vigilante (Neutral Offensive)


Shots Fired (Passive) - You are immune to bleeding and death at night by any limited uses attacks.

Day Abilities:

Weighed in the Balanced (day ability) - Bleed a player and prevent visitors to yourself. They will die in two nights if not treated (2 uses)

Night Abilities:

Misfire (Night ability) - Shoot a player. You can not kill any Unseen/Cult (Infinite Uses)

Goal: Defeat the Cult/Unseen.

So…what is the wincon?

Oof you’re right.

That’s the single most important thing for a neutral class?
I’m already worried if this is the case


I’m willing to make it convertible.

Just make it a BD role then.

Ew omniscient vig

No. I want to make it be seen as neut from investigations.

Problems with this (no offense):

  • Essentially town aligned neut (completely poor design space)
  • Semi-omniscient vig leaves scum nearly no breathing room (can out MM)
  • Second night ability is completely useless
  • Far too powerful

No. You see, if i visit you and you’re night immune, I Attack you. You know you’re attacked, and i know my target is immune.

FoL runs on limited feedback.
You wouldn’t be informed either way

Some of my earlier notes didn’t take the FoL title into account

I thought FoL had full feedback and ToL didn’t.

FoL doesn’t.
That would be near idiotic.

I hope you’re joking.

Fine. I’m joking.
I’m not but okay

First two parts are fundamental flaws with the class. That should create some red flags

Far too powerful?

I’m surprised because I’ve stated limited feedback in FoL and criticized the full feedback in ToL decently often

This was designed because a neutral vigilante will have no reason to care about Blue Dragon. I would even be willing to make this inf.

First two would be effective Town neutral and omniscient vig.
Second night ability can be fixed and it can be nerfed into the ground