[VFM] Swords & Staffs - Mafia Wins!

in two games that are queued up for soon but if you need a replacement, I’d be down

Plus Bump


Are you sure you can be active in this game?

not yet, good point.

Although I’m more confident than last time, I’m still not confident enough.

If you in a game don’t delete your in as it confuses hosts. For example skimming their game and seeing /Out without an In previously

Join us?

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Aww, come on. Math, Geyde, and I are in.


I plead the fifth


How to bribe FK

Suggest trying out some new strats or at least working with your old strats in new ways
Anything for me to avoid being scumlocked d1 even when I’m town

Also use gifs

offer him a prestigious title

“Funk” refers to a falling out of fun. Not necessarily right/wrong.

’/join if open

Hello firekitten.
I have a cookie.


Hello Kitten

I has chess pieces. You can be white!


The firekitten roots.
They are attracted to cookies
And deeply so
Their love of chess
Not greater
Than the original love for cookies
Thus I suggest
Grant a cookie
It’ll work out
Even better

You had cookie chess pieces.

got it.

I am on a roll for not understanding what people mean :^)
But yeah this makes sense