[VFM] Swords & Staffs - Mafia Wins!

:crossed_swords: Welcome in S&S! (Swords $ Staffs) :broom:

Hosted by Twil1ight

Rules :no_pedestrians:

  1. All standard forum rules apply, as usual.
  2. Any cheating, angleshooting etc are forbidden.
  3. Please be respectful to other players and keep your salt through entire match to yourself.
  4. Be active! After 24 hours you will be prodded and if you don’t answer in 12 hours, you would be replaced/modkilled. Another strike will result with simmilar penalty.
  5. Wisdom of the Mod is in effect in other words i can stop people from joining the game if i think their presence would potentially ruin the game for others.
  6. Most importantly have fun!

Gameplay :video_game:

  1. Days will be 48 hours and Nights will be 24 hours.
  2. Voting is Majority. Ties will be broken by RNG. However this rule isn’t applied until the game reaches MyLo.
  3. The Mafia have one factional kill per night.
  4. The Mafia have a day and night chat.

Special Mechanics :wrench:

Sword :crossed_swords: - Each day, after 24 Hours, one of the players will receive a Sword (It will be known who got it in the public). That will allow them to kill someone of their choice by submitting in thread, that would end the day. If they won’t choose anybody until deadline, they would die instead. This mechanic will be disabled after game reaches MyLo.
Staff :broom: - Each night, one of the players will receive a Staff. This allows them to use of the following abilities:
This mechanic will be disabled after game reaches MyLo.

  • Determine if player is member of the Mafia.
  • Learn who visited your target last night if anybody.
  • Roleblock a player.

Note: Same player won’t be able to get same item twice in a row.

The Rolelist :clipboard:

7x Citizen
2x Adaptive Mafia Goon

Role Cards


You don’t have any abilities, but at least you exist.
Defeat the Mafia.

Adaptive Mafia Goon

At start of the game, you can choose one of the following passives:

  • You appear as Citizen for investigators.
  • Your visits are hidden.
  • You’re roleblock immune.

Defeat the Town.

Players: :bowing_man:

  1. Alice – Died D1 - Citizen
  2. Magnus - Died D2 - Citizen
  3. Shurian - Died D3 - Citizen
  4. WazzaAzza - Citizen
  5. Geyde - Adaptive Mafia Goon
  6. MathBlade - Died N1 - Citizen
  7. bazingaboy - Died N2 - Citizen
  8. BlueStorm - Adaptive Mafia Goon
  9. DatBird - Citizen

Backup :+1:

  1. Marcus_Doodalee
  2. Mercenary


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Give me more!

It’s a good day.
What’s VFM though?

VFM = Vanilla FM

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Tw1-san, Tw1-san!
Do I get candy?

If you will behave then yes. Remind me if i forget later. :candy:

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Is the player chosen randomly or is the player who gets the item chosen by everyone

Fucking loli lover.

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Vanilla setup alert

Not chosen by everyone
It’s randed

I would join but im scared ;-;

@Twil1ight would you like a VC slave bot?

I owe you one for GI

There is no need for that although thanks for asking.

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/ :b: ackup in that case

I will happily sub in to lock scum slots as usual

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/me cuddles next to my gf


Gonna give this a whirl and see if maybe a small game gets me out of my funk

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