[VFM] Purgatory III: The Reckoning! Finale. Demons Win!

:angel: Welcome to Purgatory III: The Reckoning! :smiling_imp:

Hosted by @clonedcheese and @DatBird !
Designated Alt Mod: @DatBird

You and 8 others are trapped in purgatory! Can you send the demons to hell or will you doom everything by allowing them into heaven?!


Each slot in this game may be composed of up to 2 heads.

Rules and Punishments

Follow the Global Forum/Discord/Game/Meta Rules - Please Read First, and the Official Forum Mafia and Forum of Lies Rules. Please make sure you have enough time for this game before you sign up.
Don’t angleshoot.
Don’t be rude.
Don’t use big letters.
Twenty On Topic Posts per Day
The usual.


The game is played in two phases. Heaven Phase and Hell Phase.

The Game begins in the Hell Phase.

During the Hell Phase, you must choose a player to send to hell. To vote for someone, simply type /Vote (Playername) or /Send (Playername). After someone is sent to hell, their alignment will be revealed and they will be unable to talk in the thread Votes will be plurality based. Majority is in effect. All votes must ping @clonedcheese; any vote that fail to do so will be ignored. If there is a tie, it will be broken by RNG. After one player has been sent to hell, the heaven phase will begin.

During the Heaven Phase, you must choose a player to send to Heaven. Voting is done the same way, their alignment will flip and they’ll be unable to speak, except for in a private Heaven discord. After the heaven phase, a new hell phase starts and the cycle repeats.

There is no night time in purgatory! Immediately after a flip, the next phase will begin!

Heaven and Hell phases both have a maximum length of 48 hours. At the end of each phase, if no one has been sent the player with the most votes will be sent. Ties are broken by RNG.


The humans will win if they manage to send the majority (2 of the 3) Demons to hell!
Demons will win if the majority of them are sent to heaven!

The Demons will have a private chat where ALL Demons (including those sent to hell/heaven) can communicate at any time.

Judgement Day

When 50% of the Living players are demons, a Judgement Day phase begins.
The Living players lose their ability to vote (but may still speak in the thread). All of the Lost Souls sent to heaven (does not include demons currently in heaven) must privately (NOT IN THE THREAD.) vote to send a player to hell within 24 hours.

If the player sent is a lost soul, the Demons win!
If the player sent is a demon, the game proceeds to the next hell phase.

Role Cards


You win when two demons have snuck into heaven, or when the Lost Souls lose a Judgement Day.

Lost Soul

You win when two demons have been sent to hell.

Role List:

Lost Soul
Lost Soul
Lost Soul
Lost Soul
Lost Soul
Lost Soul

Credit to Marl for setup creation.

Player List

  1. Zone_Q11
  2. an_gorta_pratai
  3. Moleland
  4. Trivial
  5. Anagram
  6. Yawn
  7. Raven
  8. Darth Tarbor
  9. Wazza


  1. Marshal
  2. Katze
  3. Astand
  4. Thunal33
  5. Arete


  1. Geyde

Game will start 2020-08-17T16:00:00Z unless I get everyone’s confirmations

so confirm nurds


Hell Phase 1 results
Heaven Phase 1 Results

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Hell Phase has started and will last 48 hours or until majority or 2020-08-19T01:05:00Z. YALL CAN SPEAK


Have fun do well and may the odds be ever ur favor



Worst timing to end and start a phase.
I’d like to sort stuff out ASAP.

/vote Wazza

Because he is the first poster.

In order to avoid some confusion during this game, both heads of our hydra will be signing posts as Player 1 and/or Player 2.

We have a combined experience of a few years, and would love to know the experience-level of the other players in this match.

~ Player 1

/vote Zone_Q11

~ Player 2

Why did you vote Zone_Q11?

~Player 1

RVS. Why, do you want to vote Wazza?

~ Player 2

I dislike that vote.
I think we should wait for more players.

What if we voted someone who isn’t here instead?

~ Player 1

You told me vote Zone.

~ Player 2


Oh no I have to do the dishes.

~ Player 1

Backtracking. Scum.

~ Player 2

Hi Moleland

~ Player 2

@Zone_Q11 you said you wanted to sort stuff out ASAP. Where did you go?

~ Player 2

Host notice:

All votes must ping the hosts; any vote that fail to do so will be ignored.

/vote anagram


feel free to keep some stuff in hydra chat too