[VFM] Mountainous Arson - (12/15) - Completed - Town Wins

Welcome to Mountainous Arson!

Hosted by Luxy
Co-Hosted by @DatBird


  1. Be Respectful at All Times
  2. Do not, or attempt to, angleshoot. If you have reason to believe that you know someone’s alignment from out of game information, message the host and you will be replaced.
  3. Do not weaponise the moderator.
  4. Do not communicate in any threads not sanctioned by the host.
  5. Follow the global forum rules.
  6. Speak in English only.


Cycles are 48/24.
The Mafia will communicate via a private message on the forums.
The Mafia have a factional douse, and a factional ignite. They may be used on the same night.
The Mafia are not allowed to ignite Night 1.
The Mafia have three ignites over the course of the game.
When the mafia ignites, all people who have been doused will die.
Lynches are majority only.
The Mafia’s douse night action is compulsive and will be randomised if not picked and ignite is not selected.
A minimum of five posts per irl day is required, if you do not meet this requirement twice, you will be replaced out.


Town Citizen

You have no abilities except your voice and your vote. Put them to good use!
You win when all of the Mafia are dead.

Mafia Arsonist

You are aligned with the mafia, you have the following abilities:

  • Factional Douse: At night you may douse a player in gasoline.
  • Factional Ignite: At night you may light all doused players on fire, killing them all.
  • Factional Chat: You share a chat with your fellow mafia. It is active both day and night.

You win when the number of Mafia equal the number of Town.


Town Citizen
Town Citizen
Town Citizen
Town Citizen
Town Citizen
Town Citizen
Town Citizen
Town Citizen
Town Citizen
Town Citizen
Town Citizen
Town Citizen

Mafia Arsonist
Mafia Arsonist
Mafia Arsonist


  1. Geyde
  2. KyoDaz - Mafia
  3. Arete
  4. Marshal Maxwell
  5. Alice/Monokuma
  6. Kai_5
  7. H_Hjasik
  8. Icibalus - Lynched D1 - Mafia Arsonist
  9. Vulgard
  10. Shurian - Mafia
  11. eevee
  12. JakeTheWolfie
  13. MaximusPrime
  14. sulit
  15. Magnus

Useful Links:

EoD1: Icibalus is Lynched



MARSON MARSON MARSON. hypers. Also got a promotion from VC Bot to Cohost im moving up in this world. HOES MAD

/cohost if needed due to timezones

Is this the way the setup is supposed to work?


Can you specify what time the mafia can use their actions please, Luxy?

Snagged already sorry mate

There can be multiple hosts. No?

there can be, but its not really needed for mountainous its a rather easy setup

Yeah, I was just offering in-case timezones were needed (Australian + American + British pretty much is a 24/7 host online)

Gameplay section has been updated

:man_shrugging: up to Luxy and you. I think he signed ya up but either way HYPERS

/in, hopefully real life won’t interfere this time :eyes:

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also under Rules As Currently Written the Mafia can’t speak or vote

To be clear this is a joke, I’m aware that it’s implied

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they dont need to.

Marson clearly stands for Marshal-arson


/in it to win it.

Will I be arsonist?
@discobot fortune