[VFM] Cursed Images JOAT9 - N2 - (6/9)

Cursed Image Mafia

Small setup hosted by Geyde


  • Don’t be toxic
  • Don’t use out of game info as an argument to determine people’s argument. If you have reason to know someone’s alignment based on OOG info, please contact me and I will act accordingly.
  • Don’t post in the thread at night or after hammer
  • Try to stay in the spirit of the game

Rulebreaks will be handled by force-replacing the offendors in question.
Don’t be afraid to note rulebreaks to me.



Vanilla Town x6
Mafia Goon x2

Example Rolecards



You have multiple night abilities with one use each.

Watcher - Learn who visits the target player during the night.
Jailkeeper - Roleblock a player. They will also be protected from night kills.
Cop - Learn if the target is Mafia.

Example results:

[Player] was visited by [Player2]
[Player] was not visited by anyone


[Player] is Mafia
[Player] is not Mafia

Defeat the Mafia


Vanilla Town

You have no special abilities of your own, but can vote and talk freely.

Defeat the Mafia

Movie Sonic

Mafia Goon

Your partner is [x]. You may talk to them during the night.
You have access to the factional kill action, which will be decided between you and your partner.

Defeat the Town

  • 48/24 phases
  • Lynching is Majority and Plurality.
  • Mafia chat is during day/night. The chat will be on the forums.

Lads (/join)

  1. DatBird
  2. Luxy
  3. Mercenary - Mafia Goon
  4. Arete
  5. SetToBlow
  6. James
  7. Monokuma
  8. Red_Sea
  9. H_Hja

Backup (/backup)

Spectator (/spec)

Thread Summary

Mercenary is Lynched!
DatBird was Killed!

Uh do u have an ETA on start time?

w h y

why not?

It starts the day after it fills

I think i can fit a smaller game like this in my schedule.


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I was going to host a competitive setup but since you did I don’t have to

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@SetToBlow come join this

Literally was going to open signups today

What setup was it

I decided joat9 instead of any other small setup because I feel like Cop9 is too swingy in terms of cop dying early / going late
Since JOAT is weaker than Cop, I’m limiting scumchat d2 onward

A poisonous 17er



When will this start in comparison to Paint Your Mafia?

Paint you Mafia Mafia is being postponed until Eevee is able to host it
That’s currently unknown

Paint may be canned depending on eevee’s health

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May have to out before gamestart depending on when this looks like it’ll fill

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