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[VFM] Cop13 - SIGNUP THREAD - (2/13)



Host is @Geyde

The flavor for this game will be based on Part 5 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. All players will be given a flavor. Flavor is not indicative of alignment, as it will be randomized. You may make any jokes about the irony of having a mafia when literally everyone is in the mafia.

  • Start Date: 2019-03-29T19:00:00Z | This start date be adjusted.
  • Phase Lengths: 36/12
  • Scumchat: Active at all times
  • Out of Thread Communication: Mafia only (ex: pinging your teammate on discord)
  • Posting Requirement: 10 minimum, 60 maximum (Max restriction 30 minutes before EoD and LyLo/MyLo)

Do not sign up for this game if you can’t meet the activity requirements.

Rolelist & Example Rolecards

Alignment Cop
Vanilla Town x9

Mafia Goon x3

“You are the only one I can trust. Understand? You are my greatest." - The Boss to Doppio

You are the highest ranking subordinate to the Boss, who you take pride in completing given orders from. You are loyal to a point of stubbornness, and take heed most of the Boss’s orders when you remembered them.

You are Doppio, the Vanilla Town. You have no abilities of your own, but can freely speak and vote while alive. You win when the mafia is defeated.

“pssssss” - You expected a character from part 5 to say this, but it was me, Dio!

In fact, a host of medical professionals have concluded that consuming your pee, using it as a tooth whitener (it does contain ammonia), or otherwise ingesting it is a rather bad idea. For example, peeing on jellyfish stings is counterproductive as the sodium in your piss can reactivate embedded nemocysts (the actual stingers) worsening the pain while the bacteria present in your urine are afforded a free trip into your bloodstream. This does not stop Giorno from indulging because of peer pressure. Kids, there’s nothing more cool than chugging a good one with the homies, but if someone tries to force you to drink piss, that’s no good!

You are Giorno drinking piss, the Alignment Cop. You know that [x] is town! You win when the mafia is defeated.

  1. Icibalus
  2. Magnus



Very useful links



can’t wait for the poor bastard who rands Mista to repeatedly shoot themselves any time they try to vote somebody


also am I allowed to turn nearby bricks into snakes and use their blood to innoculate myself to prevent myself from getting modkilled?

asking for a friend here


would join cause I’m bored but can’t join


i haven’t finished watching the first 4 parts yet so I can’t make any JoJokes unless they’re really shit


Also maf night kills are compulsive.


Also suggest putting a guide on cop13 strats such as cop cover finding the cop ect


fair enough



“What if Geyde forces the fourth player on the player list to have Mista for flavor”


This is why you never skip Part 1. If you do, then the fourth part you watch will be Part 5, and Mista won’t like that.


Thanks for spoiling Doppio and Diavolo

But uhh

I gotta join to get Trish


Nobody skips part 1 because it has our lord and saviour Speedwagon in full prominance.


“0 spoilers in the OP”


I skipped Part 1

But later watched a compilation of every onscreen moment that Zeppeli has


And also Speedwagon


This is a join?


But uhh

I know this is a vanilla set up

So like i’ll have to make a hard pass unless you need people after like 24 hours


just unleash your true power for once. we still remember Ice and Fire, where we actually had to SPK you


btw I forgot what spk means what do it mean

something about important kill or something