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Very Weird Game


What happened?

Everyone got placed into two bodies, with half of them afk.
Most people had two skins on top of each other. there was someone standing in the doorway at the back
Last 2 players were poss and alch but game didn’t end until they attacked one another, both immune.

What was SUPPOSED to happen?

Everyone has their own slot etc.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start a game
  2. ???




Congrats you found an easter egg in throne of lies


Luxy stahp hydraing in Throne of lies, I know you’re excited about the NFoL but please don’t get that excited /pat


No it wasn’t the ghost easter egg the game was majorly glitched


That’s the Easter Egg


this is like a reverse hydra though where each player has two bodies :thinking:


Headless Horseman class when?


I also had this I think it said I was 4 and 13 with green highight and 13 was afk I disconnected then the game freaked out and went black screen