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Venting Thread (Don't break the rules tho, keep it civil and shit this isn't a place to be all like "hey this guy on the forums really pisses me off" it should be about other shit)


I lie to my family and friends all the time
About almost everything
I tell myself I will change for the better, but it never happens
“If I try…”
And that never happens


And why is that? What is preventing you from doing what you seem to want to?


I don’t quite know why.
It’s like I feel unable.



What do you do with your time, in general?


Waste it on here and other places online


The brief time I do try to spend working I instead spend trying to find a way off it.
Like now when I should be studying for an APUSH quiz on Wednesday


Are you in any extracurriculars?


Theatre + Choir

Used to do Speech & Debate


Play any sports?




Personal recommendation: find one you like and join it.

Doesn’t have to be a school team, could be a local city one or something. Also doesn’t have to be a “sportball”, could be running/swimming/rowing/etc.

Sports have an amazing habit of giving you drive, time management, and confidence that you can improve, so I really do highly recommend everybody join one, especially while you’re still in high school. Waiting never did anybody any good. :slight_smile:


Are you still at high school Geyde :^) go travel the world or something


Still at high school


Shit, Orange has some solid advice.

You’re at that stage probably of figuring out where you want to go after high school, one bit of advice is really look for those groups who promote habits and ideals that you look up to. In NZ there is a real problem with student drinking culture, sweeps a lot of people in to some nasty stuff.






Have you considered seeing a psychiatrist?

Ignore any stigma you might have - by the time you get to college, they’ll be shoving psychological help services darn near down your throat, and a lot of people take advantage of them.

Might be worth checking out. :+1:


I have this annoying task of having to clean my student house’s bathroom and it’s only a small task really, but I’ve been dreading it the entire day. Ughhhhh


I’m sad


I haven’t ate a meal in two days because I’m getting scared of being seen by other people