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Venting Thread (Don't break the rules tho, keep it civil and shit this isn't a place to be all like "hey this guy on the forums really pisses me off" it should be about other shit)


I don’t really have a problem with making it public
From when I woke up at 6am from now at 7:30pm, this is the first time of the day I was able to consistenly use a computer (save from the time between when I return from lunch and have to go again, which was half a hour)
It’s not even a matter of waiting in transport, it is that I always am doing something (which is 90% of the time studying and the remaining one making it so my body sustains itself and bringing myself to a socially acceptable appearance)
I’m tired as hell but oh wait shit didn’t end
I shouldn’t be at the computer now, I have 133 questions to do by tomorrow and between 1 and 4 essays due to thursday :smile:
actually 95 questions because I managed to do some midclass and I should be even grateful it’s because I already knew the content/it was easy content
And I have to sleep at 10PM
And I also live alone and I’m failing miserably into making my apartment a decent living place


I also have to somehow manage to put time between to learn english pronounciation
Both my parents refused to put me into a course because “eeh you should know how to speak english already and if you don’t know yet then seek how to do it yourself lmao”
Also “eeh you do nothing all day your life is screwed” which hurts even being a lie
also gender spectations on things I should do because I’m “useless” when I’m living with them, which is my vacations time btw
I know that my mom kind of gave up on me based on the fake impression of useless rude teenager (rude part is true at least) she has of me, and it hurts to know that she is not being nicer because she accepted me as a person but because she already “accepted how things will be” (never said it directly but my father paraphrases it)
I’m actually glad that my schooltime returned so I don’t have to live amongst my family anymore to withstand this level of accidental gaslighting even if it means that I barely have free time at all


I’ll be honest, I don’t really know how to respond. But let’s just look at the positives; You have people on here that care about you, you are getting an education, and you seem to be doing english well(but that’s text)

Anyway, if you need help on pronunciations, I’ll be happy to help. Hell, I think everyone here will glad to help.

I’m not the best at this kinda support stuff, so I’ll apologize if it sounds bland. There’s a reason I’m not doing a desk job when I get out of school/college(undecided tbh). Though I think you said you are better with reaper around, so maybe try talking to them?


I do text fairly well but I can’t say more than 1 word in a row other than the “outstanding move” expression because it’s a very frequent meme with my friendo

Me shy

I feel uncomfortable venting to Reaper too much because I feel as if I was taking too much of their time
I know he will go on “you’re not taking time >>>:(” when he reads this but yep.


Then learn some other memes, and practice that with your friendo
Sooner or later, you’ll have a basic understanding of pronouncing english language

Hi shy, I’m Lightsin.

If he’s happy to help, and you need him to vent you, it’s kinda clear that you should slide into his DMs and vent there


I mean

Rosie is your profile pic rn

Is Rosie shy?



By the transitive property

u cool


It’s no realm for practicity. I know it to be false but I’m still uncomfortable.

wears rosie mask
am I doing this right dad



Wait why am I your dad now lol


predictable daddy meme


FM made me better at reading people


Also love how my teacher jokingly reads stupid questions in the material
An interpretative one on a stonehenge turistic panflet became the narration of a sacrifice ritual


I have a better answer.
Firstly is worth to note I don’t even have something to be busy with, so there is no time of mine to take away
Second, when I talk to you about such things is not even a neutral state of “no problem”, is literally something I enjoy doing. Is not that “is fine, I don’t mind helping” is the case, is indeed “no, wait, I like to do that”. You’re not just helping you as you would be helping me, cause it is something I do for liking to do it.

Also is not like I already don’t keep some time of my day to stay around with you, willingly


I would understand if my talkings end up being unsettling tho, probably I should be more of a listener and less of an advice giver


throws table

WotC have forced the dnd5e website to pull all content on their wiki regarding non-base-game content. Where am I meant to find all my gajillions of feats now? I can’t survive with only the grappler feat.


I got a player handbook with some feats

I can send pics




You can see older versions in the historic still


I’m not someone who offends others with frequency but honestly WotC can suck a crown of nails because they aren’t even worthy of sucking a duck.


I just opened my heart there and you talking about sucking ducks :frowning:


Reaper can we be friends