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Venting Thread (Don't break the rules tho, keep it civil and shit this isn't a place to be all like "hey this guy on the forums really pisses me off" it should be about other shit)




College can give someone too much stress, but at least I have this plush mole I won :^)


( @Moleland )


Distributing grades on relative performance instead of objective performance


I see


It’s an awful system that benefits nobody


I see as well
Huge hatred for systems that create competiveness



I just got two YouTube ads in a row

They’ve started doubling them up


I, too, had this.

Granted they were only 5 seconds long but still

It’s 10 seconds too long for me


Eh nah competitiveness is good

But it needs to come from the right place - an internal drive to get better

When used with precision and care, it can highly benefit students

But far too often people treat their scalpel like a sledgehammer, and that leads to ruining people with oppressive policies that force them to turn on their classmates to win.


When I was 14 my apartment mate in the cursinho kept saying on how it was a FFA :’^}


Pretty much

Anything where helping teach a fellow student can harm you is a gross molestation of the core foundations of public education.


still helps


I mean same but fuck if some part of my brain isn’t telling me not to


There is always fun group projects. :smile:


It is indeed fun when there is four people in my group (including me), and only one person and me worked on the project.


Thankfully we dont have projects


One can find fun in the most hopeless of situations.

For example, when you realise you’re utterly screwed in all senses of the word and it’s your turn to present said project, with the other two you mentioned not present at all.

At all.

So, you laugh in insanity.
It’s fun breathing after all.


Wanted to rant on my academic pushness while having no support other than one at a physical level (hostage, alimentation, etc) and a good school but l can’t because it would take too much time which I have to spend on homework

fuck this.


If you need to, just dm me/max

I can understand your frustration, I’ve got so many things to do it’s legit making me wanna cry