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Venting Thread (Don't break the rules tho, keep it civil and shit this isn't a place to be all like "hey this guy on the forums really pisses me off" it should be about other shit)


My regular supermarket just stopped stocking my regular cereal brand.

My problems are the absolute worst.


I relate, mine did that with our breakfast sasuage


I’m snowed in by 2 feet and I managed to throw my back out…switching a load of laundry

How do you even… just shoot me


Hi vote Solic


Lmao I thought it was D2 thread


Pretty fucking mad that someone that I had organised time to game with tonight has just decided to bail on me without any notice.


I’m sitting by my frewn’s side at classroom
At a good notice we will both be sent to the front of the class because we are half blind plebs
At a bad notice I probably won’t be by his side anymore

after a year of being lonely amongst people I dislike I don’t want to be alone again


You won’t
You are a wonderful person and just like some realized it last year there will be people who do too again
Also at this point of the school is pretty common that people try to interact with the others, even if they are quiet or less social than them
I wish you the best


Only thing I miss in my public school

Approximately 2 alumni try to interact with me every year and half of them are just nice with everyone


You can reach other people through their friendship circle, it usually works like that, you don’t even need to do the greetings
Also remember how an entire classroom found you attractive. We’re humans, and people try to intereact with people that look nice
You’re a cutie pie so damn


You don’t understand the reality
I’m probably best alone than with like 70% here


Can’t you pick the 30% :frowning:


they are at the backend of the class…


That’s rare lol


people here woke up very early to pick up places
when I say very early
I MEAN THAT A GUY WOKE UP 11:50PM to get a place

I got second-to-end waking up 5:30 AM
classes start 7:15 AM
you see I have humanity


15 rows (A-N) so I’m at 14th


Get a place…?


A seat. A chair.


Strange wording but there are chairs for everyone (at a exact 1:1 ratio)
just that if you want better chairs you need to be at the school at 5 fucking AM


Is this college or high school? And how does one define a “better” chair?

I’m so lost because this is a completely foreign idea. If it were that stringent normally we’d assign seats in high school, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen every seat full in a college lecture.