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Venting Thread (Don't break the rules tho, keep it civil and shit this isn't a place to be all like "hey this guy on the forums really pisses me off" it should be about other shit)


Hope your laptop went alright.

Do not try and screw up your spacebar or something like that, unless you are desperate to fix it.

Because I do that before and my spacebar is broken


Who needs scroll lock anyway :wink:


I’m over the moon if that is everything. I just hope it didn’t seep into any more crucial parts.


I actually think it is better to get the enter bar as space
And the right shift as an enter
scroll lock is too inconvenient


I can type all the spaces. Oh my god. I’m like so relieved. It feels sortaaa laggy somehow, but maybe I’m just too spooked.

I had 50 spaces in between there. :smile:

Thank god a 1400 euro investment is not down the drain because I’m an idiot.


[ pun intended ]


I hate oxygen and anyone who breathes it.




I’m just gonna warn y’all right now, today was a terrible day and I’m so tired that I can barely do anything right now. I can’t even sleep to relieve it. I’m probably going to be inactive here at least for the rest of the day


Wish you get better soon :heart:


Thank you for the lecture when I just woke up on how, because I lost two masses of a religion I don’t believe in, apparently because I can’t get out of the computer, I have absolutely no initiative and no responsabilities in life.


Been there, done that
It sucks
My entire teenage life my mother kept trying to force me into Christian junk when she knew full well I’m an Atheist


What angers me the most is that he only believes what he sees
Dumbest application? He always comes after everybody in the table and begins interrogating if we had eaten the salad, because he only sees us eating other things, even if we always eat the salad first. Sometimes he does not even interrogates and just blame us straight.
It made me enter super angst mode because it doesn’t matter how much I am doing, he only sees what he wants.


why is this dream shaking me up so much, i’ve never been this shaken by a dream before what the fuck


context: In the dream I cut off my right pinky finger, willingly, for no reason


the exact pair of scissors I used exists within my house and that, among other things, is fucking me up


Well, at least it was just your pinky finger? Weird dream though yeesh


Grades are not up to par.

Need to drop doing a lot of…well…anything on this forum. It’s swallowing up my time and my future is getting hurt for it. :frowning:


Do it, school definitely comes before FM :+1:


that could be uh
taken in many different ways o_0