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Venting Thread (Don't break the rules tho, keep it civil and shit this isn't a place to be all like "hey this guy on the forums really pisses me off" it should be about other shit)


“Hey Aline I bought this for you”
“I didn’t like it”
“Oh, why?”
“It’s not my style”
“But it gets so well on you”

So here I am
With a wardrobe full of clothings I dislike or are too old :’^}


Your name is Aline? Is that pronounced A leeeen or a line?


(hear the first one)


You learn something new every day


but ngl I think that I would present myself as A line (at least the first times) if I encountered some english speakers just for the line jokes


btw for a polite request I also leak reaper’s


Maybe another day


I have no problem about that tho
I am surprised you’re showing your name more often tbh


I have learnt to like it


I am happy about it cause I like your name and I always wanted to call you that way
You must remember me asking about that kek






A line


I can’t keep talking to you if every time we do this we end up talking about a toxic person YOU SHOULD NOT INTERACT AT ALL but instead love its company EVEN KNOWING BEFOREHAND IT WAS A TOXIC PERSON
Go have your fun with the “cute, comprehensible, good talking” guy that you talked shit about a month ago
I will not help you any more about this




For the first paragraph I thought it was for me and that my irl name ended up with a Poste talk


And why this? I don’t want to talk names and no one here knows this person
I needed to vent that out lol


Nah you at least kept Poste away


Desilude yourself to keep evil at bay 8)


I thank you so much for this btw lol I can’t stand literally everyone else coming back again and again

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