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Venting Thread (Don't break the rules tho, keep it civil and shit this isn't a place to be all like "hey this guy on the forums really pisses me off" it should be about other shit)


Psht, I’d be lucky. The only reason I even talk to anyone is because my crush was active enough in talking to me and taking me around the workplace to basically force me into getting to know other people. Really I have her to thank for being able to communicate with anyone in my workplace at all.


Fuck me
Congratulations for the smart guy of the year sleeping at the train, only waking up when it is at the middle of going the path back, wasting more than an hour of your day
Enjoy it now


The amount of times I’ve done this on the bus home is actually unreal.


I hate severly dislike school.

That is all


You wake up at 4 AM. Don’t guilt yourself for a sleepy body.


my parents are the most supportive parents ever.

all they fucking do is barge to my room to completely ignore my privacy and argue with me.


they complain about every minor thing I do.

They just bring up “computeh is only thing u do”

I’m just so sick of them just complaining about me.


while they only support my sister.
just actually not starting any arguments with her because she’s going to a major university next year. all they do is praise her and then tell me that i have to be like her if I want to finish school

While they just tell me to go to bed at 1am in the morning even tho I tell them that they should stop caring.

yet. I completely stopped talking to my friends because my mom just came down and scolded me for not knowing where the fuck I put things.
like sorry I dont have the fucking ability to remember shit that isnt even that significant to me.


I mean. If I fail this grade of school.
At least suicide exists so I don’t have to abuse drugs with my entire life or work at McDonalds for the rest of my life.


They also compare me to a heroin addict because of apparent studies which say that video game = heroin



  1. I dont just play vidyas.
  2. they know pretty much nothing about the internet.
  3. they just live the most simple lives possible. listening to the “experts” on anything.

What if said experts said that men should cut off their dick and eat it to cure any sickness. they’d believe it


like they think they’re helping me but in actually they’re just making my life even more of a shithole than it was.


I’ve fucking lashed out at them because they just like to lash out at me once I answer their questions in the way they dont want me to.

pretty much the main reason I’m posting this shit here is because they won’t take their time to see it.


Fucking with me is their pastime and I cant wait to leave them behind. hell, I dont even care how I leave them behind.

All I really know is that suicide is the only way at this age and it’s a last resort.


unsolicited advice incoming

It’s great that you found this outlet for your emotions as it is healthy to show those, but I think it’d be better to show this to your parents, a therapist or a suicide hotline even. “Internet therapy” is not going to change your life in meaningful ways and it needs to change.

Life is beautiful, precious, chaotic and dynamic. Suicide is a abhorrent idea. Many moons ago I have had similar thoughts, but now I couldn’t be further from them, so I’m at least an example of it getting better.


I am here being apocalyptic again




my pfp won’t change from memeistic vocaloid and I don’t want to email my doc with it.


Yeah that’s rough.

I’d definitely recommend telling them more about how you feel, especially if you have no desire to go to college. Not everybody needs to study at a university! Getting a job and applying a good work ethic or joining the military are both completely viable career paths, so a high school diploma is generally the only thing you really need as far as education goes. Sometimes, we just need a reminder of that.


Doing capacity tests again and again on the job hunt is absolute garbage. I understand the need for an easy filter, but I wish they had some kind of standardized global one. This one also gave me a headache. Being consecutively able to distinguish two mirror images from 4 rotations out of 6 pictures in literal seconds is also a stupid measuring shtick. :triumph: